How to pick the best Tesla USB controller?

Tesla is a modern-day car that contributes to keeping the environment clean. It is an eco-friendly car that is powered by an electric battery, not fuels. It causes no pollution and there is no emission of harmful exhaust gases. This electric car is packed with high-tech features. Once you drive a Tesla, you will not want to drive any other car! It is a very exclusive car and there are many advantages to owning a Tesla.

One of its most prominent features is a built-in 17-inch touchscreen display. The size of the display differs with different models but the quality is top-notch. There are no dials on the Tesla because everything can be controlled through the screen. It offers many features like streaming services, music, web, navigation, speed, battery status, etc. It also allows you to play video games in the car! There is a collection of many great games for you to enjoy.

They added a collection of classic Atari video games to the car features. These games conclude asteroids, lunar lander, missile command, and centipede. The newest video game addition is the beach buggy 2. This game is the tesla-compatible version of the original game created by vector unit. The game’s controls are directly wired to the brakes, gas pedal, and the steering wheel of the Tesla.

Naturally, you will only be able to play these games when the car is in park mode for safety reasons. All of these games can be played with the help of the buttons on the steering wheel. But there is one game that is played with a USB controller. The game CupHead cannot be played via the steering wheel. You will need the best Tesla USB controller to excel in this game.

There are a few gaming controllers that are compatible with this game and the Tesla. The USB controller you choose needs to be plugged into the USB ports under the phone charging dock. There are many games other than CupHead that are better played with a USB controller. Look for the following features in the best tesla USB controller:

  • Go for the new models of the USB controllers. They are most likely to be compatible with multiple interfaces like your gaming console, the Tesla gaming system, and Microsoft Windows on your PC.
  • Choose a controller from a renowned brand so that you are aware of the quality. It should be durable and sturdy. Some controllers rumble or vibrate during the game, enhancing the overall experience.
  • When you are playing a game, the other passengers can get annoyed with the noise. Some controllers have a headphone port. You can connect your headphones to the controller and play the game privately.
  • The controller you pick should be compatible with the games you want to play. Many Atari games can be played with a USB controller for a better experience.
  • You should be able to customize the buttons for specific games. In some controllers, you can program the button and assign specific functions to each button for a more personalized experience.