Pros and Cons of technology

Pros and Cons of technology!

The word technology is almost synonymous to the 21st century, often linked to the introduction of modern programming and better production techniques. It is the presence of technology in the personal and professional space of humans that one can detect its positive and negative impact. The result of technology making its way into the life of humans creates the idea of what it really looks like.

The global technological initiative taken up by countries is now the basic sign of how technology is mass motivated. That is why each and every step that technology takes in its way has a direct impact on everyday human life.

The advantages of technology:

While carefully addressing the impact of technology, some of its advantages are as follows:

  • Technology impacted the global population without any discrimination. The youth and the adults- each sector has its different version of being technologically motivated,’
  • The positive image of technology can be seen in areas of production. Now, bulk production isn’t a dream but has been turned into a reality with the help of technology.
  • On the other hand, technology has made marketing and sales solutions easier. Starting a business or a startup isn’t a difficult process at all and you should thank technology for it.
  • The best technology can be felt in agriculture as well. Traditional tools are now replaced with mechanized ones that are much more modern. These tools reduce time and pave way for improved production.
  • Finally, the greatest positive impact of technology is definitely seen in day to day life. No wonder that human life is now so smooth and half of its credit goes to technology.

The cons of technology:

Apart from the above positive points, here are some of the negative aspects of technology:

  • Technology is not accessible by all. There is still a handful of the population that doesn’t have access to two meals a day, let alone technology.
  • Technology is also responsible for massive destruction. Although the production rate is at its high, technological advancements also create trouble for some.
  • Technology is costly. Individuals trying to give technology a new face daily, are aware of the real struggle.

Keeping aside some of the negative points, the world can certainly not do without technology anymore. Hence, it is rightly said that ‘’technology is mankind’s friend and a boon to the complete human race’’. This impact is definitely for real!

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